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The Eclectics is a group of friends who love to sing together. They are called the Eclectics because they have such a wide repertoire. From African songs to Beatles hits to a song by Henry VIII - they will always surprise you.

Mostly singing a cappella (though occasionally using a guitar accompaniment) the Eclectics will entertain you with music from Gershwin to a medieval drinking song, from Cole Porter to sea shanties and bluegrass. Something for everyone!

The group was formed in February, 2014, through their common love of harmony singing and they meet fortnightly in each other's houses. They are as eclectic in their backgrounds as in their choice of songs, and include a psychiatric nurse, an arts officer, a computer programmer, a Land Registry executive, teachers, an ex-Butlins Red-Coat and two university professors.

They have performed in churches, church halls, community centres, residential homes, shopping centres and schools and pubs. As they perform without amplification, they prefer venues with good acoustics and a listening audience which we have at Valley Folk Club. Perfec!.



“Howlin’ , good-time music!”

Three keen amateur musicians who have come together through the Gower Bluegrass ‘Picking Sessions’.

John Williams—Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals. He’s the trio’s Hon. Psychologist 

(A great professional bonus for any band!)

Roland Emmanuel—Guitar, Mandolin, Tenor Banjo & Vocals.                                             

Former member of ‘Roots & Galoots’, ‘The Grass Snakes’, ‘Mardi Jug Band’. 

(Founder of the annual Gower Bluegrass Festival & Picking Sessions’.)

Mike Shefford—Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals.   The canine connection, an expert in dog training and former National Champion. (His influence has a bearing on the band name!)

The trio are often joined by Terry Ryan on Bass.

They play an array of acoustic instruments through a variety genres. These include Bluegrass, Folk, Americana and a variety of contemporary songs. Overall the Jack Dawgs emphasis is on Versatility, Harmony and having a Good Time playing the music!


Triantan are a trio formed by the combining of the duo Cornfield & Kealy with Sarah Dickson. They play a variety of traditional and modern songs & tunes, all infused with what is becoming a trademark Triantán sound. They meld various instruments, including Irish Bouzouki, Long-neck Banjo, Harmonica, Guitar etc. with vocal harmonies. All three band members are singers with differing styles, and when these styles work together, it takes the vocal line to new levels.


We welcome back an old friend to the Valley Folk Club. John started performing in folk clubs in 1968, at first fronting various groups with long time friend Pat Drinkwater. During the 1970s he formed the well travelled group Stonegallows with Pat and Alan Briers. This group lasted quite a few years with different personnel, John being the only constant. Then after balancing solo performance with a puppet / live action folk group The Old Will Folk Entertainers Company he formed a couple of duo acts with Joffre White and Tony Batten.


Long time organiser of folk events he was in at the start of the Village Pump Folk Club which is running successfully again after a break. He was chairman of the committee that set up Trowbridge Village Pump Folk Festival which he helped run for more than 35 years and he was one of the main movers in reawakening this giant in a new format.


Still happily doing things in his own inimitable fashion he continues to captivate his audience in folk clubs and festivals with songs collected from friends over the years, side splitting humour and a nearly 50 year wealth of stories. He performs solo again for our January guest night, accompanying himself on various stringed instruments.


DnA by name, DnA by nature: music is in the very DNA of this hugely talented mother-and-daughter duo from Swansea, Wales. Both enjoy international reputations not only as soloists but as members of such bands as Calan, Brethyn, Aberjaber and Cromlech. Whether they’re vamping up a traditional oldie or minting something entirely new, there’s a timeless beauty to these intimate and irresistible conversations between harp and fiddle.


“…this music is rooted in tradition but altogether original 
sounding and beautifully written…” Cerys Matthews



Between 1969 and 1974 Keith Christmas recorded 5 vinyl albums, played 3 tracks on David Bowie’s first album and was booked for the first ever Glastonbury festival.


He released his latest CD ‘Crazy Dancing Days’ in December 2016. Early versions of 8 songs that were posted on the internet have been played over 47,000 times, 14,000 of them an appeal for tolerance to refugees, ‘Cross the Water’.


Janie Meneely & Rob van Sante

Biography: Chesapeake songster Janie Meneely and traditional balladeer Rob van Sante join to perform maritime music from the Bay and Beyond. Commonly seen playing with the likes of Alan Reid (of Battlefield Band) or John Connolly (who penned "Fiddler’s Green"), Rob adds his virtuoso guitar to the array of Janie’s “Bay-spun”originals, while Janie adds vocal harmonies to Rob’s traditional ballads.

Janie has been singing about Chesapeake people, places and history for going on (gasp!) 30 years now, chronicling the stories of Bay watermen or poking fun at sailors’ traditions. The death of her husband in 2013 left her without a musical partner, so this collaboration heralds the start of something new (www.janiemeneely.com).

Dutch-born Rob is a guitarist of skill and subtlety. His mother was a child prodigy on piano, so it’s no surprise that music has played an important part in his life. During the 1970s, 80s and 90s he toured extensively throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, working with such stalwarts of the British folk and jazz scene as Danny Thompson, Jon Strong, Tom Napper, Tom McConville, Kate Rusby, John McCusker . . . the list goes on (www.reidvansante.com).

Both are delighted to bring you a few hours of maritime music, merriment and mayhem, and invite you to sing along.



Ian Bruce is a superb writer and performer of haunting and compassionate material while remaining a stalwart of the Scottish folk tradition. He exhibits a huge presence which invariably has his audiences singing, laughing and crying sending everyone home with a song in their heads and warmth in their hearts.


Ian Bruce is one of the best known faces on the Scottish folk scene and a wonderful ambassador for the Scottish singer/songwriter genre, all over Europe and beyond. His voice has strength and accuracy, his guitar playing is excellent and his songs are beautifully crafted. In these days of amazing instrumentalists and controlled, tuneful singers, Ian is very much a performer to be reckoned with, a gem of the scene who presents his songs with raw emotion, backed up by a joyful and interactive relationship with his audience. 

Ian McCalman, (The McCalmans) January 2018


Please bring buffet food to share as usual.



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